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lucky-draw-winners-for-tb-blog填寫問卷送「雷霆冰極光 + 固態硬碟 120GB (SSD)」活動,恭喜以下的得獎者可以搶先體驗 Thunderbolt 傳輸所帶來的效率,當然也可以親身感受到本公司所設計產品的一些特點,簡單的設計、堅固的外殼,是您最佳外接儲存裝置的購買選擇!

第一階段:Tomy Lim & Robb Bell






luckydraw-winner-tomylim-blogTomy Lim
"It is a real pleasant surprise to receive your email on winning the Akitio Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition. I am so glad to hear this. This item has been sitting on top of my wish list ever since I came across it. Now, I am so eager to see the package in hand. Thank you Akitio! You have made my wish come true."

Tomy 在使用一段時間後,寄一封 Mail 說他獲得「雷霆冰極光 + 固態硬碟 120GB (SSD)」的使用感想。

"Thank you Akitio for making me a proud owner of Akitio Neutrino Thunderbolt Edition. The DHL package arrived in good condition. The packaging box look presentable. On opening the box I spotted a cute little greeting card with my name printed on it, that’s a nice touch!

The silver metal enclosure is much more solid than I have imagined. The glossy mirror front face finishing with Akitio logo make the whole chassis look even more elegant. Straight away I plug it into my MAC Mini thunderbolt port, is look so gorgeous pairing with it. Firstly, I tested it by transferring of 10GHz of high resolution photos.

Wow! The speed is extremely fast, I have never experienced such speedy rate, not even my other USB 3.0 drive. Next, I tested it by viewing the high resolution photos directly on the thunderbolt drive. It loaded all photos almost instantly, that is really cool. My wife is smiling now, she can now load up all our cute little 2 years baby photos and carry the beautiful Akitio Thunderbolt drive around showing it to her friends.

No more embarrassing moment like other USB drive which take ‘ages’ to load. Thank you Akitio ! for making such great product.

Tomy Lim - Singapore "


luckydraw-winner-robbell-blogRobb Bell
"AWESOME, this is leading end tech I cannot wait to get my hands on!!!"










"光是AKiTiO的產品到目前我已經買了三台不同機種,並且外觀都是金屬製造,放在桌上真的是一項精品。 正想要有一台高速的SSD外接硬碟,想不到AKiTiO在耶誕前夕竟然通知我得獎,AKiTiO真是我的耶誕老人呀! 感謝AKiTiO。耶誕快樂~我會繼續支持你的~"








恭喜以上的得將者可以獲得「雷霆冰極光 + 固態硬碟 120GB (SSD)」一台,未中獎者將保留在下一次抽獎時繼續參加抽獎,直到本活動結束為止。